At Maner Fire Equipment, we can address all of your Kitchen Systems, Industrial systems, fire extinguishers and exit emergency lighting needs. Fire prevention system inspections are an essential and legally required way to make sure that your property is protected. Inspections are required at least once a year, and restaurants must be inspected semi-annually.

Service & Inspection

Maner Fire Equipment understands the importance of a properly maintained safety fire protection system. Maner Fire issue quality equipment with great warranties. This equipment maintained by our capable technicians offer our customers a quality service. Our service technicians receive ongoing technical training


We are proficient in the training of your personnel on many types of fire detection and suppression systems. The best fire protection equipment is ineffective if nobody knows how to use it.


Maner Fire Equipment provides complete installation support of all the products we offer. We provide our customers with a quality installed solutions. In the installation of fire extinguishers, to sophisticated engineered kitchen and industrial systems we ensure our customers have received a code compliant, quality installation. Our clients can be guaranteed the installation will be performed by experienced, certified technicians.

Take the hassle out of your inspections